How do I get to the workshop?

By subway, the best answer is the long-suffering and (debatably) underappreciated G train. The closest stop is Manhattan Ave at the India Street exit. Here

If you are driving:

  • Take the Brooklyn Queens Expy towards the city.
  • Take exit 34 for Meeker Ave toward Mogan Ave.
  • Turn right (North) onto Humbolt which immediately turns into Mc Guinness Blvd.
  • Turn left at Greenpoint Ave.
  • Take the 1st right onto Manhattan Ave.
  • Continue to 988 Manhattan Ave.

In any case, the best bet is to get google maps directions from here.  

The loft is located directly above the restaurant and bar Habitat, which you might keep in mind for an after-workshop drink. 


Very simply: it's a place to bring your work and have it critiqued by a group of writers, whose work you will critique in turn. The workshop leader acts as a guide, bringing their own perspective and personal pedagogy to the mix, sometimes leading exercises and assigning (optional) reading, always helping to edify and direct conversation. 

If you're new to the idea, all of this might sound intimidating. That's because it is. The first workshop experience can be seriously daunting -- but it is also an incredible thrill. Very quickly, you'll discover how much constructive feedback, not to mention writing for a deadline, can yield in terms of skill-level growth. Undoubtedly, you will find that you will get where you need to go with your craft at a much faster pace than you would by simply working on your own.

And it is something else that is a bit harder to describe, the gratifying feeling of being among peers who are fighting the same hard fight, with the same end goal: to eventually write something good

how did this whole thing start?

Our founder, Morgan Pile, had long sought the comradery of writing workshop/space/salon in her local Greenpoint and Williamsburg community. She was not the only one. After discussing the idea one night with fellow writer friends at a local bar, she found they adamently shared the sentiment. In about 45 seconds, WriteBrooklyn, the name, the concept and the basic business model were born. 

When scouting locations, Morgan immediately fell in love with 988Manhattan, particularly with Eduard's social mission. It seemed to speak directly to what she hoped WriteBrooklyn might become: a safe haven for creativity and necessary venue for discussing and publicizing contemporary art and ideas. 

The WriteBrooklyn workshops went live for enrollment on June 11, 2017. We've been pounding the pavement ever since. 

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